Dec 22, 2009


Snow on the docks at City Quay; the first I've seen. My very last morning in Scotland, after an all-nighter of packing and stressing out, I go outside and walk down the dock to the spa to unwind before moving. I'm flying to Paris to stay with friends until Christmas Eve, then to Boston for Christmas with the family, and finally Seattle on the 26th.

Dec 9, 2009

Sun, Moss, Gargoyles

Sunshine on some mossy gargoyles I never noticed before this morning.

Hidden Railway

This wall is really high, I never peeked over it before. I got the picture by holding my phone at arms length over my head.

Dec 8, 2009

Door to ...

Where does this door go? After I walked by it, three brown hares scurried away and disappeared into some brush. If I nibble on a tiny cake from one side, perhaps I shall be able to fit through. Now if only there were a key...