Feb 20, 2011

Legion Within Album Review

Originally published in Line Zero Issue 02, February 2011

KMFDM Records, 2009
by Megan Perry

Founded in 2000 by singer-songwriter William Wilson, Seattle based band Legion Within have honed a sound that is distinguished by stark atmospheres of melodic bass lines, sparse but powerful guitars, and a few hints of machine-like rhythms and synthesizers. The current line-up for Mouth of Madness, Wilson (vocals, guitar), Shannon Cole (guitars), Erica Butler-Branch (bass), Aaron Nicholes (percussion) and Jasyn Byrum (synth), is their strongest yet.

The energetic yet haunting Mouth of Madness is Legion Within’s fourth album. Many of the tracks feel like familiar dark places to crawl into safely. With this release, Legion Within relentlessly entertains with a powerfully honest collection of commentaries. Listening evokes feelings of comfort and beauty at once with longing and disquiet. The strong goth-rock melodies teasing back and forth with industrial and operatic strains mix together to create a well-oiled and diverse sound for the album.

Feb 14, 2011

DOTV 6 - Depeche Mode Tribute

"Strangelove: A Depeche Mode Tribute Night" took place February 11th at The Crocodile in Seattle, WA. The event marked the 6th anniversary of Dancing on the Valentine, an annual Valentine’s Day benefit concert to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The total donation raised by this year's Dancing on the Valentine to the L&L Society was $4,147.99.

For information on future DOTV benefits, follow:
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Track List for Legion Within:
In your Room
Waiting for the Night
Enjoy the Silence

DOTV Organizer Jenny George and Jessica Drenkle and Megan Perry with William Wilson, Erica-Raven Branch-Butler, and Aaron Nicholes of Legion Within.

Megan playing cello alongside Legion Within.

Flickr pictures of all acts from DOTV 6