Jul 6, 2011

Deal of the Week: Torchlight Sells 1 Million Units — Loves Bees

Runic’s dungeon-crawling debut game has recently added some buzz to your hacking and slashing. If you start a new character in the Xbox version of Torchlight today, you may notice a new spell scroll in your hero's inventory called “ilovebees”. This is a nod to the alternate reality game that was used to promote Halo 2, and was added to the game in celebration of Torchlight selling over one million units on PC, Mac, and Xbox, as Runic announced earlier today.

If you haven't tried this delightfully addictive action-RPG on console yet, you can pick up Torchlight for only 800 Microsoft Points as part of the current Deal of the Week promotion on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

This Microsoft published arcade title boasts an intuitive new UI for the Xbox 360, as well as masterfully reworked aiming and movement controls. Torchlight II technology was used for the console version to streamline the animations, add automaps, and even reduce load times. These features, along with the added immersion provided by controller rumble for events such as a low-health heartbeat and a fish tugging at your line, make the Xbox LIVE Arcade release the fullest Torchlight experience yet.

Enjoy the endless fun decimating hordes of enemies and collecting loot with your pet (and your new bees!) while you are waiting for Torchlight II, currently one of the most anticipated sequels of the year. The release date isn't set yet, but it's exciting to know that the undisputed must-have feature is being added  four-player online co-operative play.

Treasure awaits all new characters in Torchlight on Xbox LIVE Arcade