Jul 13, 2011

Torchlight Interview with Artist Jeff Mianowski

I want an imp as an Avatar pet!
I've had a hard time putting down the controller while playing Torchlight lately, so I hunted down Runic Games artist Jeff Mianowski to ask him a few questions about the game. Read on to find out what he had to say!

Megan: What is your current job title at Runic?

Jeff: My job title is "Lead Character Artist".

MeganThere are so many coollooking little creatures in Torchlight  which was your favorite character or monster to work on?

Jeff: For monsters, I would say that the two most fun were the little imp that the Alchemist can summon and the final boss of the game, I modeled and textured both of those. They were really fun for me because I hadn't been at the company long and it was a great way for me to really dig into the art style of the game.  I'm pretty happy with how those two turned out.

Megan: I won't spoil anything about the final boss, but I love those little imp guys! It's hard to believe something so cute was summoned from the dormant energy in corpses. So, I heard Torchlight sales hit a big milestone recently, did you do anything special to celebrate the 1 million sold mark?

Jeff: There's a big shindig in the works for our 1 millionth sold party, but the details are being worked out right now.  We actually excepted to hit it later in the month but we blew past it on the July 4th weekend so once we were back in the office that Tuesday we celebrated with pizza and beer.  From what I hear, the official party is going to be preeeeetty sweet so we're all looking forward to it.

Megan: That sounds amazing, pizza and beer the first day back after a long weekend! Well, I'm certainly looking forward to it too! If I get an invite  I'm showing up dressed as my vanquisher.

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