Sep 6, 2011

New Release: The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design!

I attended a great game design workshop run by Mike Selinker last week at PAX Dev in Seattle. If the specific content of the conference weren't confidential, I would have written more about it. What I will say is, I choose my sessions carefully at industry events, and I was happy to miss three other speakers for this workshop. This is why I am so excited to report that now you too can attain new heights of game designery wisdom. Selinker 's newest book, The Kobold guide to Board Game Design, is now available!
The book is also available in a handy PDF edition for $10

Contributors include the amazing:
• and artist John Kovalic

Chances are you have games from some, if not all of these designers! Just to name a few: Fluxx, Gloom, The Big Cheese, Cthulhu Munchkin, and a bunch of Magic cards are visible from my armchair vantage point.

Sep 5, 2011

Oh my God! There's an Axe in My Head. - Seattle board game designers are off to a great (kick)start

Seattleite game designer David Fooden will be at Card Kingdom demoing the game he co-designed this Wednesday, September 7th. It's called Oh My God! There's An Axe In My Head. and there is still time to take advantage of the special offers on the game's Kickstarter page.  Oh My God! There's An Axe In My Head. is available with exclusive bonus cards and free shipping for a $45 pledge (MSRP $50), but pledges can start as low as $1. At upper levels of contribution, incentives include a handcrafted, 1 of 10 limited edition of the board game.
Cafe Mox & Card Kingdom
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