Oct 8, 2011

R.I.P. to my GTA 360 - A Life Well Played

There are some who put their special consoles on display, where they lazily collect dust in mint condition until their eventual move to storage or ebay. Shelved, they would never get to update to NXE, or experience the otherworldly joy of being accessed with a Kinect. My GTA Lost and Damned console would suffer no such fate, as I embraced it's mobile nature and wandering spirit. This is it's story.

The demise came quickly and without warning. Black vertical lines suddenly spanned the display, dancing - taunting me. I hoped it was the game I was playing, L.A. Noire. Mere moments ago I had been reading about Team Bondi's woes during the development of the game; perhaps this was evidence of those problems. I pressed the guide button. No stripes! Oh wait, there are faint stripes. Back to the dashboard!

My avatar is in the middle of getting beamed up by Scottie from the looks of it.

Increasingly worried, I turn off the console and restart it... to a flashing red light and a big fat e74 error; a screen I am all too familiar with after losing it's Halo 3 brother on Christmas.
Now that it was really over, I couldn't help but begin to reminisce about my console's exciting life. *wavy back in time effect*