Platform:       Xbox 360/PS3 Game
Genre:           Action/RPG
Multiplayer:  4 player Co-op, local and over Xbox LIVE

Summary: (from MobyGames)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 continues the four-player mayhem of the previous Marvel Ultimate Alliance and, before that, the X-Men Legends series It is based on the Secret War and Civil War storylines from the comics. After Nick Fury leads an unauthorized super-hero assault on Latveria and a fight gone wrong kills hundreds of civilians in Connecticut, the government passes the super-human registration act, which requires all super-powered individuals to reveal their identities to the government.

Examples of my work in the shipped title:
Act 1:  NY 
Missing Marvel
Set in an abandoned subway tunnel construction site, players make their way through the passages in search of Miss. Marvel.
Act 2: Pro-Reg
Hit 'em High
Fight your way across the rooftops of NYC following a convoy of super-villan prisoners with the help of nanite controlled Venom.
Act 2: Pro-Reg
Tony Stark lures Captain America to a Chemical Plant with a faked emergency, but Cap has other plans.

My Responsibilities on MUA2 included: 
Concept Art for Chemical Plant
• Designing vertical slices of the game from concept stage to beta level implementation
• Writing design documentation and maintaining wiki pages 
• Building 3D levels and placing objects using proprietary editing tools and 3ds Max 
• Scripting of moment-to-moment gameplay elements, boss fights, and engine driven cut scenes
• Creating natural-looking pathing for friendly and enemy AI sequences, as well as scripted combat encounters
• Implementing pathfinding graphs and fine-tuning them to meet each level's needs
Shot from a level I designed, built, and scripted for MUA2

Act 2: NYC Rooftops