Megan Perry - Resume   

April 2015 - Present, Unity Developer, COSM Worlds
I am currently an application developer at Dynamoid Apps on COSM Worlds, a scientifically accurate molecular biology project for SteamVR and standalone, and an unannounced educational project using Unity 5 to communicate using JSON and a Django server.

August - December 2014, Principal Game Developer, GameTree

I was the sole game designer and Unity developer on several mobile game prototypes for a proprietary platform at a start-up company in Bellevue, WA. My responsibilities included; gameplay, systems, UI, and billing design as well as implementation in Unity using C#.

Course Description .pdf
August 2012 -  August 2013, Programming Instructor, Academy of Interactive Entertainment
My primary job for the 2012/2013 school year was to teach the 2nd year programming students fundamentals using C# and Unity 3D engine to expand on their C++ background. 
Topics covered alongside the overall development process included fundamentals such as; game design, documentation, prototyping, procedural graphics, implementation of AI, networking, physics, optimization, and project management.
I led the student's senior project; bringing together the art and programming classes to develop a 3D tower defense game using traditional studio project management methods utilizing SCRUM, Hansoft, and Perforce.
Post-graduation I helped develop a curriculum to be delivered for a new game design degree, the Advanced Diploma in Game Design and Production.

Technical Docs, Concept Art, Flowcharts, and collected design resources can be seen at: Rookery Team Project Site

November 2011 - July 2012, Content Designer, Carbine Studios

Please see my resume for a breakdown of my responsibilities as a content designer on this project.

2010, Systems Designer, CCP North America
Responsibilities on World of Darkness (PC - Cancelled in 2014) 
Please see my resume for a breakdown of my responsibilities as a systems designer on this project.
Responsibilities included: Designing various aspects of gameplay mechanics for a PC MMO 
 Wrote design documentation and maintained wiki pages 
 Authored gameplay scenarios to explore uses of the content tool
 UI design, including notification behavior
 Participated in brainstorm sessions for both World of Darkness and EVE Online
 Participated in daily playtests and added feedback to a wiki

2009, Creative Designer, Realtime Worlds
APBResponsibilities on All Points Bulletin (PC):
• Built mission content 
• Ran a test server and organized participants for daily internal playtests
• Wrote colorful yet concise narrative 
• Brainstormed and playtested for all design elements
Accomplishments and other involvement:
• Attended the Scottish Modified Car Show with the community and art teams to talk about the cars in the game for the video blog
• Created scenarios with under used mechanics for each faction to facilitate a wider variety of gameplay for all players
• Spoke with the new team working to re-launch the game to communicate my teams proposed improvements and additional features that would help make the game a success

2008, Scenario Designer, Vicarious Visions
MUA2Responsibilities on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (Xbox 360) include: 
• Designed vertical slices of the game from concept stage to beta level implementation
• Wrote design documentation and maintained wiki pages 
• Built 3D levels and placed objects using proprietary editing tools and 3ds Max 
• Scripted moment-to-moment gameplay elements, boss fights, and engine driven cut scenes
• Created natural-looking pathing for friendly and enemy AI sequences, as well as scripted combat encounters
• Implemented pathfinding graph and fine-tuned each to meet levels' needs
• Presented level progress after every sprint, and worked on actionable items from feedback
• Became familiar with source material and recreated comic panels of key scenes in-game
Responsibilities on Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (Nintendo DS) included: 
• Designed, implemented, and tested 3D levels while character is transformed as a vehicle, as well as on foot 
• Created vehicle AI types and set up behaviors, including movement, animations, and attacks
• Set up and tested obstacles and physics puzzles, including a driving course with gap jumps
See here for more details on my work on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

2006, Lead Designer, 1st Playable Productions
Designed all aspects of Go, Diego, Go! Rainforest Rescue (Jakks TV Games) and interfaced with the publisher
• Wrote GDD and supporting documents 
• Led a team of artists and programmers
• Debugged and problem solved, as well as assigned or fixed all bugs from external Q/A
• Tuned dynamic difficulty adjustment within levels and game wide 
• Conducted research on the intellectual property being used for the game 
• Scripted A.I. sequences and cut scenes  
• Built geometry and collision of levels and placed objects using proprietary editing tools
• Created and implemented first pass SFX, art, and animation
• Designed and implemented 2D levels for The Santa Clause 3 GBA game